Coach Bobbi

Matteo Bobbi coaching at the Minardi Day

Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 of May, we will be at Imola at the Minardi Day!
We will bring our gaming stations to offer all our fans an incredible experience with our coach Matteo Bobbi and hopefully to find some new talents to join the Academy.

See you there!





The Formula 1 French legend Jean Alesi and the Italian two-time GT World Champion Matteo Bobbi are announcing the founding of a new eSport structure dedicated to sim-racing, the “Jean Alesi eSportsAcademy”.

These outstanding racing figures, alongside international partners with proven track record in the world of motorsports and eSports, aim to create a sustainable project on the scene of competitive video games.

This Academy will be dedicated to find, attract and train new talents in order to bring them to the top and maximize their potential. To achieve this target, the core objective of this Academy is to bring sim-racing young talents onboard, and give them real-racing best practices. They will get personal training by Jean Alesi and Matteo Bobbi, real life test driving and analysis, tactical schemes inspired from real racing competitions. Moreover, the global objective of the Academy is to bring closer the sim-racing and the real life racing worlds. Jean Alesi ESA drivers’ will have the best practice.  They will reach real life racing by working with established racing teams as simulators drivers, test drivers or full time drivers.

On a mid-term trend, the drivers trained by the Academy, will compete on major sim-racing games (F1-2018, Forza Motorsport, Project Cars, etc…) and competitions under the colours of the “Jean Alesi eSports Academy” or under the colours of the “Jean Alesi eSports Academy” partners.

The development of the Academy’s pilots will be followed from a managerial perspective by the sports management and marketing agency COMPACT S.p.A., the agency that has managed the career of Jean Alesi in addition to numerous sponsorship activities in the motorsports industry.  Furthermore, the Academy will be supported by InternetOne, a respected company in the field of ICT and AI&R thanks to its technical competence, which will allow the project to express virtuality at the highest levels by reaching the threshold of reality.

Jean Alesi : “During my career I have driven cars and raced in many competitions of different categories, but what has always characterized my path has been the warm and enthusiastic support of fans of the sport. For the first time, enthusiasts and racing fans, have the chance to become the protagonists of the racing world thanks to eSports and I am excited about the opportunity to exchange roles by being able to share my experience and to give back some of the support and emotion they have given me over the years.”

Matteo Bobbi : “I wanted to enter the world of eSports since long time. My dream is to find young talents and to train them in and out of the simulator and to let them taste the adrenaline of the speed and the thrill of driving a real racing car, thus improving the gamers’ performance thanks to the advice that Jean and I will be able to provide through the experiences accumulated over our long careers.”

The Jean Alesi eSports Academy will give every racing-enthusiast the chance to realize their dream of becoming a professional eSports athlete and, above all, an opportunity to break the barrier between virtual and reality sports.

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